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Literary Terms From Poetry-rhyme Scheme

Language sung, chanted, spoken, or written according to some recurrence that emphasizes the relationship of words according to sound as well as meaning

The form of written language or everyday speech that is not organized according to the formal patterns of verse

Narrative poetry
The class of poems that tell stories

A story told in song, usually a story derived from a tragic incident from local history of legend

Long narrative poems celebrating deeds of one or more heroes in a grand, ceremonious style

Lyric poetry
A fairly short poem expressing the mood, feeling, or meditation of a single speaker. It is the most extensive category of verse

A fourteen-line, iambic pentameter poem made up of either three quatrains and a couplet or an octave and a sestet

A philosophical meditative poem

Blank verse
Unrhymed iambic; blank verse echoes the natural rhythm of spew had is the poetic form used by Shakespeare in his plays

Free verse
Poetry with irregular line length, no rhyme, and no regular meter; most widely used verse of poetry

A defined group of verse lines, which may be united by a regular pattern of rhyme

Two-line stanza

Tercet or Triplet
Three-line stanza

Four-line stanza

Five-line stanza

Six-line stanza

Seven-line stanza

Eight-line stanza

Rhyme scheme
The labeling of the pattern of end rhyme in a stanza or poem


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