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literary terms allegory-monologue

a narrative work of fiction or drama in which the elements characeters setting all work together to teach a moral lesson

the repetition of similar sounds most often constant sounds at the beginning of words

a reference to a work of literature to a character place situaion

a person or a force that opposes the protagonist, or central character in a story or drama

opposite of hero

a short, pointed statement that expresses a wise clever obsercation about human experience

in a play a comment made by a character that is heard by the audience or another character but is not heard by other characters on stage

the repetition of similar vowel sounds especially in a line of poetry

a narrative song or poem

blank verse
poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter each line has five pairs of syllables with each pair made of an unstressed syllable follwed by a stressed syllable

the methods a writer uses to reveal the personality of a character

the point of the great emotional intensity interest or suspense in a narrative

an elaborate extended metahpor that dominates a passage or an entire poem

the suggested or implied meanings associated with a word beyond its dictionary definition

the repetition of a similar consonant sounds typically within or a the ends of words

the literal or dictionary meaning of a word

the outcome, or resolution, of the plot

a variation of a language spoken by a particular group, often within or at late ends of words

conversation between characeters in a literary work

a poem mourning a death or another great loss

a long narrative poem that traces the adventures of a hero

a short, witty poem or saying

a letter especially a formal or didactic one

a commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument

a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing

at the beginning of a story, novel or other narrative, the part of the plot line that sets the scene by introducing the characters,setting.and situation

external conflict
struggle between a literary or dramatic character and an outside force such as nature or another character which drives the dramatic action of the plot

a short story usuallly a simple tale that teaches a moral and sometimes uses animal characters

falling action
in a narrative the action that follows the climax

figurate language
language used for descriptive effect in order to convey ideas or emotions

two consecutive lines of poetry that are usually rhymed bradstreet upon the burning of our house

foil characters
a minor character whose contrast with a main character highlihgts particular traits of the main character

the use of clues by the author to prepare readers for events that will happen later in a story

free verse
poetry that has no fixed pattern of meter rhyme line lenght or stanza arrangement

a traditional japense form of poetry that has 3 lines and seventeen syllabes

heroic couplet
a pair of rhymed lines in iambic pentameter

a figure of speech that exxagerates

imabic pentameter
a specific poetic meter in which each line is composed of five feet

the word pictures that writers create to evoke an emotional response (La relacion)

internal conflict
pyschological struggle within the mind of a literary or dramatic character the resolution of which creates the plots suspense

lyric poetry
poetry that expresses a speakers personal thoughts and feelings

a figure of speec hthat compares or equates two seemingly unlike things

a regualr pattern of stressed and unstessed syllables that gives a line of poertry more or less predictable rhyme

the use of one word to stand for a related term

mock epic
a long humourous poem written in mock heoric style

a long speech by a character in a literary work


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